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Between The Lines

Between The Lines

Manchester Titans helmet

On Wednesday night I joined the Manchester Titans for preseason training, at their new Belle Vue home, and delivered a clinic of pre training massage, taping and stretching for those who wanted to use my services. Pre-event massage is a short, specific treatment that is deliver immediately before an event and creates a state of readiness in the muscles and surrounding tissues. The main aim of the treatment is to increase the circulation, flexibility and in many cases the mental clarity to improve the athlete’s performance.

For me it just a pleasure to work with these enthusiastic young guys who put their bodies on the line for their team and the love of their sport. And as a fan of the game it’s great to work with them and get my American Football fix from now until the summer months. The timing could not be better just as the NFL season reaches its climax this Sunday night with Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas. Like many other British fans of the game, I will up to the early Monday morning hours to see the outcome between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

For me working with amateur sports people is a dream. Very often their commitment and energy levels are extraordinary. Fitting in training and participation around family and often full time employment. I myself grew up with sport, playing football, table tennis, swimming and athletics. For me it has been such an important part of my life, culture and development. The disciplines I learnt through training and being part of a team as a child have stayed with me and spread into other areas of my life. As an adult and keen endurance runner I now value the ‘me time’ away from everyday life and enjoy the opportunity to use sport as a means to unwind and destress, and you can’t put a price on that!

When this valuable time is taken away through silly niggles and often preventable injuries, the amateur athlete can feel depressed and more than a little frustrated. My job gets really rewarding when I can help to keep people on track with their sporting goals. This year I’ve set myself some big running targets such as the 4 day Tour of Tameside and The Chester Marathon, my 6th marathon in 5 years. But I know I will have just as much fun rubbing sore calves’ muscles and taping wrists, shoulders and ankles during what I hope is a hot and sweaty season with the Titans.


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