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Biomechanics Assessment

Biomechanics Assessment

Biomechanics AssesmentBiomechanics Assesment

Discover the causes of recurring injuries with a Biomechanics Assessment.


Recurring injuries drag all the frustration and negative feelings as a one-off injury but each time you find yourself suffering, the distress is compounded. The constant niggle, regular ache and debilitating pain can hold you back from doing everyday things or pushing your sports performance. In some cases this can even lead to lasting joint problems that deteriorate over time. When your life is nagged by injury you suffer both physically and mentally; desperately hoping for things to get better. Discomfort can be highly disruptive to your lifestyle and, in severe cases, can leave you laid up, unable to do even the simplest of tasks.


You do not have to endure physical pain from poor movement, however in order to improve, the long term root causes must be assessed and a treatment plan built around you that addresses more than just superficial short term symptoms. A biomechanics assessment is a specialist examination that seeks to understand your pain with a view to treating the fundamental problems.


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