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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

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Everyday life can take its toll on your body.


Your muscles can become deeply knotted causing physical pain, either when moving or still, which affects your ability to sit, stand or perform perfectly ordinary movements for any period of time. The impact is frustration; feeling angry and grumpy that your pain is getting in the way of your family, work and social lives.


Deep tissue massage could help. Often, MST clients find benefit in the use of Deep Tissue Massage techniques that focus on those muscles that are holding tension and causing pain. By relaxing and stretching these muscles, joints can be allowed to move freely and with reduced or no pain, returning you to normality.


Lower back or shoulder pains are common everyday injuries that, in many cases, can improve through the use of Deep Tissue Massage. Often these types of injuries stem from sitting at a desk or in a car. These are unnatural movements that your body was never designed to do for long periods of time meaning that the balance of your body becomes disturbed. In turmoil, your muscles begin to work harder, becoming tense and painful. Localised stretching and massage can release the tension, giving you back your everyday, pain free.


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I book Stuart on a regular basis. The packages he offers to clients are excellent value for money. Stuart is clearly very passionate and focused about his work, and he takes care to mindfully diagnose and treat every specific muscle group. I cannot recommend Stuart highly enough. Needless to say; I would not consider booking with anyone else.

Adrian Bell – September 2016

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