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Seated Acupressure

Seated Acupressure

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Work places can be hectic environments that are busy, stressful and constant that can leave people like you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unproductive. ACAS reports 13.5 million working days are lost in the UK every year from work-related stress. In workplaces where stress is rife, team members can feel like they’re drowning in work which could result in lost revenue costs, lost opportunity costs and sick-absence costs to the business.


What is the impact on your employees when they realise they are transferring work-stress in to their home lives? People suffering with stress can become angry and agitated with the people they love if they are dragging the pressures of their working day around with them. In the worst case this can force your colleagues to reconsider their position at your company for the sake of their families. Oxford Researchers found that the cost of replacing an employee can exceed £30,000 in lost output and the logistics required to recruit and train a new team member.


Seated acupressure can be an effective stress-reducing over-the-clothes massage treatment that makes your team feel valued and less overwhelmed during their busy working day. Your colleagues can enjoy a 20 minute treatment in the office, giving them valuable relaxation time away from their desk. Treatments are designed to fit comfortably inside statutory break times and leave the client feeling energised with a clear, focused frame of mind.


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