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Sports Injuries can be frustrating.


Sport can be an essential sanctuary in your busy life, allowing you to process your thoughts and relax but an injury can leave you feeling robbed, cheated and deprived of your much-needed “me time”.


If you are regularly engaging in sport or physical activity the likelihood is that at some stage your muscles will begin to feel quite tight and tense. This may lead to feeling locked in to a certain uncomfortable posture that your body is constantly trying to correct for some relief. If you are unable to move properly this can dramatically impact your sports performance and make you feel like your body is giving up before your mind does.


Sports Massage could be the solution for you. Many clients find relief from muscle and joint pain caused by physical activity through Sports Massage. This style of massage treats the body as a collection of muscle groups that work together to absorb and project the forces of your sporting movements. This encourages your muscles to heal quickly by increasing blood flow; breaks down scar tissue from previous injuries that could be limiting free movement; detoxifies your body; aids relaxation; and, importantly, can help to reduce the negative feelings and anxiety that are both often associated with sports injuries.


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Great first session with Stuart this evening, helping prepare for 2 half marathons. I met Stuart at the office but couldn't make it to a trial session, so insead booked him to come to my home. I have since arranged more sessions in between events and I suspect will keep doing so. Great work on my legs today! Highly recommended.

Olly Caunt – September 2016

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