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Improve your flexibility, promote free movement and reduce feelings of stress at your home, sports club or place of work.


No-one should have to endure discomfort in their everyday life. Whether caused from a work injury, sporting injury, poor posture or any other demand associated with modern life, every effort should be made to reduce your symptoms and increase your quality of life. Minor injuries can seriously affect your occupation which can lead to increased stress, a loss of motivation or even a sense of distress and isolation.


Instead, you could increase your range of movement and reduce muscle tension without the need to visit a clinic through the use of remedial or sports massage, deep tissue massage and other complimentary natural treatments such as acupressure, promoting strength in movement.


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Your treatment can be scheduled before, during or after the working day either at your home, sports club or place of work. You will be fully assessed during your first session followed by a treatment that aims to improve your immediate range of motion with subsequent sessions targeted towards your personalised treatment plan that addresses the causes of pain rather than just the symptoms.


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Our Mission


To provide treatments that are both professional and convenient, which encourage strength and free movement.

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